Greenlane Launches First Commercial EV Charging Corridor to Accelerate Zero-Emission Freight Transition

Greenlane has unveiled its inaugural commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging corridor, featuring over 100 chargers along Interstate 15 to meet the demand for efficient and reliable EV charging solutions. The new charging corridor is designed to expedite the transition to carbon-neutral freight transportation, with initial charging locations in Colton, Barstow, and Baker, California. The joint venture between Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock aims to develop a nationwide network of commercial charging infrastructure across the U.S., serving battery-electric passenger cars, light-duty fleet customers, and, in the future, providing hydrogen refueling for commercial vehicles. The Colton site, planned to be fully operational by late 2024, will offer multiple charging options for heavy, medium, and light-duty zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) drivers.
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Hyundai Motor Launches World's First Nano Cooling Film for Enhanced Interior Cooling
Hyundai Motor Company has launched the world's first Nano Cooling Film, a revolutionary vehicle window tint that significantly improves interior cooling performance compared to conventional tint films. The nanostructure of the film maximizes heat dissipation, making it particularly effective in hot and dry climates. To demonstrate its effectiveness, Hyundai has initiated the 'Made Cooler By Hyundai' campaign, applying the film to 70 customer vehicles in Lahore, Pakistan, where summer temperatures can exceed 50°C. The Nano Cooling Film effectively blocks external heat while maintaining high transparency and unobstructed vision. Hyundai plans to use empirical data from this pilot campaign to ensure quality and to enter mass production of the film in the future.
German Federal Minister Visits BMW R&D Center in China, Discusses Sustainable Development Cooperation
During the visit of German Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, Steffi Lemke, to the BMW Group's R&D center in Beijing, in-depth discussions on green development and circular economy were held with BMW Group Chairman Oliver Zipse. BMW Group highlighted its efforts in promoting a low-carbon and green transformation of China's automotive industry and shared innovative practices in circular economy and power battery recycling. The company also introduced the sustainability plans for the upcoming new generation of vehicles and their electric drive systems, set to be produced in Shenyang by 2026. With 20 years of local R&D in China and a network of over 3,000 experts, BMW is committed to achieving its sustainable development strategy in partnership with local collaborators.
Brigade Electronics Upgrades Award-Winning Backeye®360 Vehicle Safety Solution with Artificial Intelligence Technology
Brigade Electronics has enhanced its Backeye®360 vehicle safety solution with the integration of artificial intelligence technology. The 360-degree camera system, which has been a bestseller since its introduction in 2013, now includes AI that can identify humans in the vehicle's blind spots. The system combines images from four cameras positioned around the vehicle to provide a real-time, single-image 360-degree view on an in-cab monitor, offering a comprehensive 'bird's-eye view' of the vehicle and its surroundings. Corey Heniser, CEO of Brigade Electronics Inc. in the US, emphasized that the AI upgrade ensures operators have access to the safest solutions available, with the innovative system designed to prevent incidents and provide critical support. The Backeye®360 AI has been well-received by industry professionals and has generated significant interest during trials in the UK and Europe, marking a major innovation in the industry safety standards.
Tesla CEO Musk Plans India Visit to Discuss Factories Establishment
According to foreign media, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is scheduled to visit India from April 22nd to 28th, where he plans to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the potential establishment of an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in the country. Musk expressed his anticipation for the meeting on social media and emphasized the natural progression of Tesla's market entry into India. Analysts believe this move is in response to slowing demand and intensifying competition in the U.S. and Chinese markets. The Indian government has recently introduced a new electric vehicle policy that reduces import tariffs to attract foreign investment, aiming for electric vehicles to account for 30% of total car sales by 2030.
BYD Global New Energy Vehicle Production Surpasses 7 Million Units
BYD, a world leader in the manufacturing of new energy vehicles and batteries, reached a historic milestone on March 25th by producing its 7 millionth new energy vehicle. The iconic DENZA N7 model was unveiled at the factory in Jinan, China, marking a significant achievement in the brand's innovative journey. Since producing its first new energy vehicle in May 2021, BYD has experienced exponential growth, tripling its production in just 18 months and surpassing 5 million units in a record additional 9 months. In 2023, BYD's cumulative annual sales of new energy vehicles reached 3.02 million units, solidifying its position as the global leader in this sector. Committed to the international market, BYD rapidly expanded its global presence in 2023, with new energy vehicle sales abroad exceeding 240,000 units, representing a year-on-year growth of 337%. This achievement positioned BYD as the leading exporter of new energy vehicles from China in 2023. To date, BYD's new energy vehicles have been introduced to 64 countries and regions worldwide, supported by strategic investments in manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Hungary. Additionally, this year, BYD has been named the official partner of the UEFA Euro 2024™, providing a global platform to showcase its new energy vehicles. Looking ahead, BYD is committed to expanding and deepening its localization strategies in products, technologies, and brand presence in international markets, continuing to lead the global automotive industry towards a more sustainable era.
BMW's Neue Klasse X Electric SUV Set for 2025 Production in Hungary
BMW has revealed details of its upcoming Neue Klasse X electric SUV, set to begin production in Debrecen, Hungary, in 2025. The new EV will feature a fresh architecture and the sixth-generation eDrive powertrain, incorporating advanced drive and chassis control technologies. Inside, the vehicle will offer a Panoramic Vision display and an integrated central screen, alongside improved electric motors and new lithium-ion batteries for faster charging and extended range. The car also showcases environmental considerations with the use of plant-based surface materials and recycled marine plastics.